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Dr. Shah is all about giving his patients peace of mind when it comes to their teeth. With him, you can trust that your care will be comfortable, precise, and the results will last for decades. He combines his experience and advanced prosthodontic training with some of the latest technology to deliver smile-saving solutions that exceed all expectations when it comes to both aesthetics and strength. If you’re in need of serious smile repair or are ready to upgrade your existing prosthesis to something that feels like real teeth, he’s eager to help you achieve your goals and much more.

Advanced Technology Solutions

Modern-day dental technology is amazing, and to see evidence of this, all you need to do is visit Edison Prosthodontics. Soft tissue lasers make gum-related treatments fast and painless, guided implant surgery allows Dr. Shah to replace missing teeth with untold accuracy, and digital impressions enable him to plan your treatments without you having to bite into a mold filled with messy dental putty. With us, the latest breakthroughs will always benefit your smile and oral health!

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Why Choose a Prosthodontist?

A prosthodontist is a type of dental specialist who focuses on repairing and replacing the teeth after they have suffered from trauma, decay, or age-related wear. To obtain this distinction, Dr. Shah completed three years of training after finishing dental school, which concentrated on designing and placing lifelike restorations using the latest technology and techniques. This additional experience allows Dr. Shah to handle the most complicated cases and turn back the clock for those dealing with several ongoing dental issues.

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A Winning Dental Team

Dr. Shah has put together an elite team of dental professionals that is able to provide customer service on par with his clinical care. From scheduling to working out your payment options and more, our team will make your dental journey smooth and easy from beginning to end, ensuring you have every reason to enjoy the experience as well as your beautiful result!

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