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In order to provide the highest quality care possible, Dr. Shah continually researches and invests in the latest dental technology. The instruments detailed below help him diagnose problems more quickly, with more accuracy, and then solve them in the most effective and efficient way possible. They also allow Dr. Shah to show you how certain treatments work so you always know what’s going on with your dental care, taking any mystery (and nerves) out of the experience. You’ll benefit from our state-of-the-art approach starting at your very first appointment!

Trios® Digital Impression

Before placing a restoration into a patient's mouth, the first step is to take an impression of their teeth and bite, which allows Dr. Shah to design someone's treatment so that it looks and functions perfectly. Rather than relying on physical models to do this, he can quickly scan a patient's mouth with a small device to create a digital impression in just a few minutes. Compared to the old way, this approach is extremely fast, accurate, comfortable, and time-wasting retakes are never necessary.

CBCT Scanner

When evaluating a patient to determine whether or not they are a good candidate for dental implants, we don’t just take a regular X-ray. Instead, we use our CBCT scanner, which captures several images from various angles. These are pieced together to create a highly detailed 3D model of the teeth, jawbone, and nearby structures. This gives Dr. Shah much more information and helps him better personalize the procedure based on someone’s unique needs.

What is a CBCT Scanner?

A CBCT scanner is a standalone device that allows our team to create a 3D model of a patient’s mouth and jaw. Instead of just taking one X-ray image, the scanner rotates around a patient’s head and captures several from different angles. These are then assembled by highly sophisticated software into a single 3D image that shows much more detail compared to a traditional X-ray. With it, Dr. Shah can plan a patient’s implant treatment down to the finest detail.

The Benefits of Using a CBCT Scanner for Dental Implants

It’s quickly becoming standard for prosthodontists to use a CBCT scanner when providing dental implants, and that’s because they offer so many advantages compared to regular X-rays:

See the Teeth and Bone in 3D

Traditional X-rays are great for looking at teeth and bone in 2D only. For proper implant planning you need to see bone in 3D. This isn’t possible without a CBCT scanner. A 3D image from a CBCT scanner enables Dr. Shah to find the perfect locations for a patient’s new teeth so they fit seamlessly with the remaining ones while ensuring the proper alignment of the bite.

Peace of Mind

As you can imagine, the idea of getting dental implants and undergoing oral surgery causes many patients to become nervous. With the model created by the CBCT scanner, Dr. Shah is able to clearly explain how the required procedures work and answer any questions someone might have. Because of the scan, his answers will be based on a patient’s specific situation, helping them know what to expect throughout the process to make things less stressful.

Biolase® Dental Laser Dentistry

Dental lasers sound like science fiction, but they are an everyday reality here at Edison Prosthodontics. With this instrument, Dr. Shah can use concentrated light energy to remove infected gum tissue painlessly, and even perform various surgical procedures without using incisions or sutures. It helps make a wide range of procedures less invasive, more comfortable, and more precise, leading to a higher-quality result that also takes less time compared to more traditional methods!

Acteon Cube/Piezotome

Dr. Shah has invested in the Piezotome CUBE with the goal of making extractions of teeth as comfortable and efficient as possible.

This additional piece of advanced technology, now utilized at Edison Prosthodontics, is designed to minimize trauma to the surrounding bone and gums, often allowing him to immediately place an implant. Even if an implant can’t be placed immediately, conservation of bone allows for better long term outcome of implant treatment.

It thereby facilitates a faster recovery, lessens swelling, and reduces the need for post-op prescription painkillers. It can even eliminate the need for forceps and excessive force during extractions, which helps to keep the surrounding bone as whole and healthy as possible.

What is Piezotome Technology?

The Piezotome CUBE device is an advanced form of dental technology that works to make certain dental treatments easier to complete and improves their outcomes. It’s quickly becoming one of the most trusted pieces of equipment used by oral surgeons. With it, Dr. Shah is capable of performing procedures more quickly, more accurately, and with minimal trauma.

Whether precise areas of bone need to be modified or removed, the process becomes more comfortable when using the Piezotome CUBE device, especially compared to traditional dental instruments.

How Does the Piezotome CUBE Work?

The two most common treatments this device is used for are tooth extractions and preparation for dental implants. During the procedure, the device selectively removes fibers that anchor the tooth within the bone, all while preserving the bone.

To accomplish this, the device regulates pressure using its proprietary Newtron® technology. In layman’s terms, this sophisticated hardware alternates between low and high intensity to ensure all healthy bone and soft tissue is maintained. Not only can we at Edison Prosthodontics better preserve your existing oral structures, but we can also improve the healing of these areas dramatically compared to traditional methods.

How Does It Benefit Patients?

When patients experience the Piezotome CUBE, they’ll have a much better understanding of why Dr. Shah brought it to his practice in the first place. One of the most notable benefits is it removes the need for forceps and excessive force during extractions, helping to keep the surrounding bone as whole and healthy as possible (and therefore better suited to receive a dental implant). This is especially important if the dentist intends to place a dental implant immediately, a common practice for those looking to replace teeth as soon as their previous ones have been extracted. Even so, better conservation of the bone allows for a better long-term outcome of implant treatment.

Additionally, the Piezotome CUBE helps with the following:

  • Facilitate faster recovery
  • Lessen swelling following surgery
  • Reduce the need for post-op prescription painkillers
  • Minimize trauma of the surrounding bone and gums
  • Gain a far more comfortable dental experience

Intraoral Cameras

Rather than just shining a bright light into your mouth to examine it, Dr. Shah and our team will utilize small, handheld intraoral cameras to capture detailed images of your entire oral cavity. This allows us to see corners of your mouth that are normally hidden from the naked eye, ensuring we can catch any problems as soon as they appear. We can even display your images on a nearby monitor and go over them with you so you completely understand your oral health and treatment options.

All-Digital X-Rays

The days of slow, film-based X-rays are over. Here, digital X-rays allow us to clearly see the areas of your teeth hidden below your gums and underlying bone while exposing you to 90% LESS radiation. Digital X-rays show much more detail, take seconds to develop, and don’t require us to dedicate extensive floorspace to storage. So not only do they help make your care more accurate, but they also ensure our prosthodontist's office has plenty of room for everyone to stretch out.

3D Printer

Edison Prosthodontics is now equipped with a Sprintray 3D printer. Now we can 3D print nightguards, temporary restorations, dentures, surgical guides, and more. Instead of waiting for 2-3 weeks, the standard turnaround time for labs, we can print these products within a few hours. With digital planning, it’s very easy to modify a design and print another wax-up, temporary crowns, or dentures, which eliminates extended waiting times.

Plus, if something breaks, we can print another one quickly!

Nitrous Oxide Sedation

Many patients experience anxiety when it comes to dental care. In fact, some research estimates that more than 50% of adults struggle with fear surrounding their visits! Rather than just telling someone to “calm down,” we’re able to offer a more tangible solution in the form of nitrous oxide sedation. A few breaths of this colorless, odorless gas are all it takes for unwanted nerves to go away and stay gone throughout an entire procedure. Afterward, the effects wear off quickly and completely, allowing someone to resume their normal day with no lasting effects.

Who is a Good Candidate for Nitrous Oxide?

Patient smiling while talking to dentist

We mentioned above that nitrous oxide is great for patients who struggle with dental-related anxiety. However, that’s just one of the many uses! This calming solution is also suitable for those with strong gag reflexes, who experience jaw and neck pain in the treatment chair, or who have trouble feeling numb. It’s also helpful for patients with disabilities as well as those who need more extensive care, like multiple tooth extractions.

Note: If you want to find out if you’re a candidate for nitrous oxide, the best thing to do is schedule a consultation with us so we can learn about your medical and dental history.

How Does Nitrous Oxide Work?

Patient inhaling nitrous oxide through nasal mask

Nitrous oxide is administered once you arrive at our office. Our friendly and caring dental team will help you settle comfortably into the treatment chair before placing a small nasal mask over your nose. Then, we’ll ask you to breathe through your nose. It won’t take long for the effects to set in (usually only a minute or two, in fact!). You will feel at-ease, relaxed, and anxiety-free, allowing us to work swiftly and meticulously to provide the preventive, restorative, or cosmetic dental care necessary. We’ll check-in with you periodically throughout your appointment to make sure you’re still comfortable as well. If needed, the nitrous oxide can be adjusted. 

Aftercare for Nitrous Oxide

Patient reclined in treatment chair smiling

Nitrous oxide is unique because the effects set in and go away quickly. In other words, shortly after removing the nasal mask, you will feel like yourself again! We’ll provide you with aftercare instructions specific to the treatment you received but, outside of that, you’ll be able to resume your day as you usually would.

Guided Dental Implant Surgery

When it comes to replacing people’s teeth with state-of-the-art dental implants, Dr. Shah takes all the guesswork out of the process. Guided dental implant surgery uses digital scans and a CT scan of the jaw to help him find the perfect locations for a patient's new teeth, and then place the implants with pinpoint accuracy. For this, Dr. Shah uses only cutting edge technology like the Densah® system. Thanks to this technology, the success of your procedure is practically guaranteed from the moment you step into our dental office!

Learn More About Guided Implant Surgery

Zirconia Dental Implants

Zirconia implants are metal-free, white implants that are rapidly becoming more popular. They are more friendly to the gums, as they collect less plaque compared to regular titanium implants. They also improve the aesthetic results because they won’t create a grey shadow through thin gums, like with titanium implants.

Plasma Activator

Implants lose surface activity even when they are stored in sterile packaging. By treating them with plasma, the surface becomes active and attracts more blood and bone cells, resulting in quicker healing times and better outcomes.

Implant Stability (ISQ) Monitor

Our implant stability monitor is an amazing piece of technology that’s able to measure the stability of dental implants following their placement. This eliminates the guesswork in determining whether the implants are stable enough to hold the prosthetics or not.