CT Guided Dental Implant Surgery Edison

More Precise Dental Implant Planning, Better Results

Out of all the dental procedures, dental implant placement is one of the most complicated. Even dentists and specialists who have undergone years of training can encounter issues, which can prolong the healing process for patients or even put their implants’ success at risk. Fortunately, here at Edison Prosthodontics, we take advantage of technological advancements with CT guided implant surgery. If you would like to learn how this can help you enjoy a fully restored smile sooner, contact our team and schedule a consultation with Dr. Shah.


Why Choose Edison Prosthodontics for CT Guided Dental Implant Surgery?

  • Advanced Technology for More Accurate Results
  • Board-Certified Expert with Years of Training and Experience
  • Proficiency in Guided Surgery with Fewer Complications

What Is CT Guided Dental Implant Surgery?

Traditionally, dentists and specialists relied on X-rays for implant planning, but the professional placing the implant was still essentially working blindly up until opening up the patient’s gums and jawbone. As a result, when this technique is used, patients can experience complications from this procedure.

However, the process is different for CT guided implant surgery. Prior to starting the implant surgery, Dr. Shah captures a 3D CT scan of the oral cavity, revealing where blood vessels, nerves, and ideal jawbone density are located. From this information, he can virtually perform the placement procedure before touching the patient. As a result, he can determine the perfect positioning and angle of the implants and avoid unnecessary complications.

Benefits of CT Guided Dental Implant Surgery

There are many advantages of using CT guided implant surgery, specifically the following:

  • More precise surgery.
  • Safer surgery.
  • More predictable results.
  • Shorter surgery time.
  • Shorter recovery for the patient with less blood and pain.
  • More likely to be load bearing immediately.
  • Less need for bone grafts.

Who CT Guided Dental Implant Surgery Can Help

Although there may be easy cases that don’t require such precise pre-planning, basically all patients receiving dental implants can benefit from using this technique. Not only can it ensure dental implant success, but it can also reduce how invasive the surgery is, reducing your discomfort in the healing process. This technique is just another way that we enhance your experience and your smile’s long-term health with the best possible results.

CT Guided Dental Implant Surgery FAQs

Does CT Guided Dental Implant Surgery Cost More?

CT guided implant surgery is a somewhat more complex process than its traditional counterpart, and some aspects of it normally incur higher fees. For example, after a patient’s teeth are scanned, most practices who offer guided surgery must work with a dental laboratory to design a surgical guide prior to the placement procedure. Lab fees, combined with the cost of materials to make the surgical guide, may add to the overall cost of the procedure.

Fortunately, unlike other practices, we have an in-house 3D printer that can create surgical guides, which helps to keep patient fees as low as possible.

Given the fact that CT guided surgery increases the chances that your dental implants will thrive, we believe that any increase in cost is well-worth it. Plus, it may actually save you money in the long run by minimizing your risk of expensive post-operative complications.

Do CT Guided Dental Implants Take Longer?

CT guided implant surgery involves a few more steps than traditional implant placement methods, but that does not necessarily mean that the overall treatment timeline will be longer. Each patient is unique, and every person’s body heals at a different rate.

In some cases, CT guided surgery might actually shorten the overall treatment timeline. Since it makes surgery as minimally invasive as possible, it may contribute to a shorter post-surgical recovery period. In other words, your body might bond with your implants a bit faster, making it possible for you to receive your new teeth ASAP.

Is CT Guided Dental Implant Surgery Always the Best Choice?

Some dentists and prosthodontists choose to perform freehand dental implant placement without the use of a surgical guide. Often, they are quite successful, particularly in fairly simple cases. For example, success is very likely when just one implant is being placed, and a patient does not have any unusual features in their oral anatomy. However, for most complex cases, CT guided surgery is almost always the superior option because it can reduce the long-term risk of dental implant failure.

Does CT Guided Dental Implant Surgery Lead to Better Aesthetic Results?

Here at Edison Prosthodontics, we want our patients to enjoy smiles that are both beautiful and healthy. CT guided implant surgery can help with the ultimate aesthetic outcome of your procedure. When we scan your teeth, we can not only plan where to place the implants, but we can also look ahead to designing your restoration. This leads to an outcome that is as natural-looking as possible.