Preventive Dentistry Edison

Protecting Your Smile from Common Oral Health Problems

At Edison Prosthodontics, our goal is to diagnose and treat small oral health problems with routine preventive dentistry before they ever have a chance to become more serious and cause discomfort. This way, we’re able to preserve your natural smile and help you avoid needing invasive treatments down the road. We use advanced dental technology, including intraoral cameras and digital X-rays, to provide accurate diagnoses and treatments, so you can always rest assured that every effort is being made to optimize your oral health when you visit us for preventive dentistry in Edison, NJ.


Why Choose Edison Prosthodontics for Preventive Dentistry?

  • State-of-the-Art Dental Office
  • Talented & Compassionate Dental Team
  • Jaw Pain? Custom-Made Oral Appliances Available

Dental Checkups & Cleanings

The American Dental Association recommends receiving checkups and cleanings every six months to keep your teeth and gums healthy. During these routine appointments, our team will thoroughly examine your mouth in search of any early signs of oral health problems. If we find any, we’ll develop a treatment plan to tackle them as soon as possible. Then, we’ll provide a thorough cleaning, where we’ll remove all plaque and tartar accumulation to prevent decay or infections from forming.

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Fluoride Treatment

Fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral that helps your teeth form a strong, healthy outer layer. The protective enamel wards off the threat of decay and discomfort by protecting the more sensitive dentin and pulp that lie underneath. If you don’t receive enough fluoride, your teeth could be at risk of decay. At your checkups, we may suggest a fluoride treatment, which is where we’ll apply a topical fluoride gel to your teeth to help protect them from cavity formation.

Nightguards for Bruxism

Do you wake up with a headache or sore jaw? These are common signs that you may be grinding and clenching your teeth throughout the night. This common condition, called bruxism, can put you at risk for breaking, wearing down, or chipping a tooth, resulting in an emergency dental visit. We provide custom-crafted nightguards that can cushion your teeth to protect you from the effects of grinding, which will also prevent stress and tension in your facial muscles.

Oral Cancer Screening

The American Cancer Society estimates that about 53,000 people will be diagnosed with oral cancer this year alone. By conducting routine cancer screenings, we hope to spot the early signs of this disease in order to increase the likelihood of successful treatment. Dr. Shah will perform a visual and tactile inspection of your mouth, lips, and throat in search of any suspicious symptoms or abnormalities, such as lumps on the oral tissue, sores, or red and white patches.

Gum Disease Treatment

Nearly half of Americans aged 30 and older have infected gums. If you’re one of them, we strongly suggest getting gum disease treatment. This service mainly consists of scaling and root planing, which deeply cleans the area beneath your gumline. It’d get rid of the plaque and bacteria behind your infection. Our team will also use a dental laser if needed to remove infected tissue from your mouth. You could then manage (or even reverse) your condition.

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TMJ Treatment

When you have jaw pain, your aches may point to a problem. There’s a good chance your temporomandibular joint (TMJ) isn’t working as it should. You’ll endure facial soreness, chronic headaches, or teeth grinding in that case. Thankfully, our dental team offers great TMJ treatment. This service can take the form of an occlusal splint or occlusal adjustment. The former uses an appliance to reduce tension in your face, while the latter alters your bite to ease pressure on your TMJ.