Tooth-Colored Fillings Edison

Discreet and Reliable Cavity Repair

Are you worried you might have a cavity? Tooth decay can quickly worsen without professional attention. Fortunately, Dr. Vrajesh Shah has over 20 years of experience performing cavity repair. At Edison Prosthodontics, we provide aesthetically pleasing tooth-colored fillings to make minor cavities disappear. Keep reading below to learn more about tooth-colored fillings in Edison or contact our office to schedule a consultation.

Why Choose Edison Prosthodontics for Tooth-Colored Fillings?

  • Discreet & Biocompatible Materials Used
  • We Accept Dental Insurance
  • Expert Care From Experience Prosthodontist

What Are Tooth-Colored Fillings?

A dental filling is used to repair tooth structure that has been damaged by decay, keeping the tooth healthier in the long run. While fillings have traditionally been made from metal amalgam, at Edison Prosthodontics we use composite resin. A mix of acrylic plastic blended with tiny glass particles, our composite fillings can be color-matched to blend in seamlessly with your natural smile. Tooth-colored filling material is discreet, nontoxic, and can also be used to repair cracked or broken teeth.

The Process of Getting a Tooth-Colored Filling

In most cases, an experienced dentist in Edison like Dr. Shah can place a tooth-colored filling in just a single appointment. First, he will numb your mouth and remove the bits of decay from your tooth. Next, he will carefully pick the perfect shade of composite resin and apply it to the affected tooth, sculpting it into the ideal size and shape. Once all the lost enamel is restored, Dr. Shah will use a special curing light to harden your tooth-colored filling in place in just a few seconds. Finally, he will check your bite, make any final adjustments, and polish your tooth before sending you on your way with your newly improved smile. It really is that quick and easy!

The Benefits of Tooth-Colored Fillings

The biggest advantage of tooth-colored fillings in Edison over their metal counterparts is their discreet appearance. Thanks to their natural color, most people will never even notice that you have a dental filling! This makes them perfect for young students in school or working adults who want to maintain a professional appearance. Major benefits of tooth-colored fillings include:

  • Preserve more of your natural smile – Metal fillings typically require some enamel to be removed in order to make room for the restoration. Composite resin, on the other hand, chemically bonds with the tooth, eliminating the need to remove enamel.
  • Avoid temperature sensitivity – Metal fillings are not as effective at blocking the nerves in a tooth’s inner pulp. Composite resin creates a powerful barrier on the outer sections of teeth, shielding you from painful sensitivity to hot or cold food and drinks.
  • Reduce your risk of future tooth decay – A tooth-colored filling makes it much harder for bacteria to access the inside of a tooth, lowering your risk of further decay and infection moving forward.

If you have a visible hole in a tooth, notice a particular tooth often feels sensitive, or notice that food always gets stuck in the same spot on a tooth, you may need a filling to repair tooth decay. Delaying treatment will only allow a damaged or decayed tooth to worsen. Take action by getting a tooth-colored filling now to avoid more extensive dental work in the future.