4 Interesting Facts About Dental Implants

December 16, 2022

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Close-up of dental implants

You’ve probably heard of dental implants if you care about oral health. After all, these prosthetic teeth are excellent at restoring smiles! That said, though, there’s a good chance you’d like to know more about them. More details, you see, could help confirm if implants are right for you. As for where to start, your Edison dentist has you covered. Here’s a summary of four lesser-known dental implant facts.

Implants Tend to Succeed

As it turns out, dental implants often succeed in the long run. To be more specific, their success rate stands at over ninety-five percent!

Such effectiveness is mainly due to the material of implants. Their titanium bases, for one thing, let them fuse with your jawbone and stay secure. Also, implants’ porcelain surfaces ensure your new teeth blend in with your smile.

Implants are Cavity-Proof

Unlike natural teeth, implants never suffer from decay or cavities. Their titanium and porcelain makeup doesn’t erode from bacterial acid. As such, these restorations can sometimes last for 30 years or more.

That said, implants still need daily care. If you don’t clean them, germs can spread from them to your surrounding teeth. You’d likely get a tooth infection or gum disease if that happens. Therefore, most dentists suggest you always brush and rinse them twice a day.

Implants Involve (Some) Diet Changes

Surprisingly enough, implants require dietary changes for the first six months. In particular, you’ll need to avoid certain foods while they’re still bonding with your jaw.

Take hard, crunchy items, for instance. These products are off-limits during the healing process, as chewing them could delay or halt implant fusion. The same goes for bad oral habits like biting your nails, which could undo your recovery efforts.

Implants Boost Self-Confidence

Of course, implants can and do restore your smile. Beyond this immediate effect, though, they also improve your confidence.

This self-esteem boost stems from the implants’ lifelikeness. They look more natural than dentures or bridges, so they help you feel better about your body. Plus, they function like other teeth in terms of chewing and biting. Consequently, implants don’t inspire the feelings of frailty and aging that different restorations might.

Ultimately, dental implants have a lot going for them. That being the case, talk to your local dentist about your treatment options soon!

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